Monday, 28 February 2011

Show us Jesus!

That is the job of the preacher, to show His congregation Jesus! That's is exactly what Mike Reeves did for us over the weekend.

We had a wonderful weekend away at Forum NE (25th Feb - 27th Feb). We learned so much about Jesus from the book of Leviticus, a book I imagine most students would have thought was "boring" before the weekend, and everyone came away excited about reading the OT and seeing Jesus there!

Please pray that we all remain firmly established in the gospel of grace and remember that we have been saved for fellowship with the loving Triune God of the universe. Pray that as we look at Jesus we grow in love for Him and for others. This in turn will lead to holy living because the summation of the law is loving God with everything and loving others. It wont just lead to holy living but also evangelism. Because as we grow in love for Jesus and love for others that will be attractive to the world around. Out of the overflow of our hearts our mouths will speak!!!


  1. Great to hear that the Leviticus teaching was so good! I heard it from different people.. Shame I coudn't be there this year! :)

  2. Yes Dave, they were recorded! You can rest easy now! ha ha.
    We are hoping to make the recording available soon.