Friday, 27 February 2009

Durham Main Event - FREE - Reflections

Looking back on the main event week in Durham I was thinking about a few things.
As I already mentioned in an earlier post I was struck once again that it is only when God opens blind eyes that people see the truth and put their trust in Jesus. But, I also observed and encountered some other things too.

1. Many people have very inconsistent worldviews and don't realise.
While out doing cold contact questionnaires on mornings before lunchbars it was interesting to hear people's ideas and opinions on questions ranging from "what is your greatest fear for the future?" "What do you think makes a person a Christian?" "What do you think happens when you die?" Those who stopped to participate were keen to voice their thoughts but many would answer one question and two questions later say something that contradicted what they had previous said. People who thought there was no God but were hoping for an afterlife. Or those who would call themselves Christians but then when asked what a Christian was gave a definition that didnt fit with beliefs they had said they held to. That kind of thing. An important lesson for us then is to make sure we know our worldview and we know how Jesus affects all we do. We also need to continue to develop our understanding of and ability to deconstruct the inconsistent worldviews of others.

2. The Parable of the Sower is seen in life regularly.
During the week we heard of a girl who seemed very keen to come to all the events and her Christian friend was really excited. But the next morning the girl came her and said she didnt want to talk about it anymore and didnt want to be invited to anything else. I guess she was kind of a cross between the seed on the path and the seed that is choked. Others came to events had their questions answered but they were still not stepping up to the plate and follwing. I also saw a guy who had become had made a profession of faith a few years ago when I was leading a table at a follow up course but is now not walking with the Lord. Only God knows His heart, but he may be an example of seed falling on rocky or thorny ground too. And we did also see seed fall on good soil, which we trust in the Lord's providence will go on to bear great fruit. Praise God!

3. We still fear man in our evangelism.
To my shame I saw that I still fear man sometimes when it comes to evangelism. For this I ask forgiveness from God. I know His power is at work in me changing me and that He is a sovereign God, He works thorugh me, but also inspite of my failings. I pray I learn a lesson and God gives me greater boldness. This was also evidentin students too in some fear to invite friends to events or sometimes reluctance to have the gospel procliamed at small events.

In summary, I personally had a great week. The above is not at all meant to sound completely negative. It was great to be able to encourage some of the more timid CU members and I look forward to hearing from them in the future. Seeing and being part of such a fantastic team of CUGs was a joy. The students involved in all the organisation, presentation, set up and set down etc were exemplary. DICCU has many gospel-hearted students. By God's grace I pray they will continue to have a huge impact in the University and in the country as a whole as many of them graduate and go out into the workplace.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Durham Main Event – FREE (Part 3) – Salvation requires a miracle.

While listening to Daf speak on Monday evening (16th Feb) I was sitting and absorbing what he had to say and thinking to myself “this is great, how cool is the gospel, it is amazing, it really does make total sense, how can anyone listen to this and not be convinced?!” And then, it struck home to me in a fresh way, something I already knew, it takes a miracle of mercy from God for anyone to see the truth. How thankful to God I should be that He opened my eyes to see, believe and put my trust in Jesus! I am praying for many miracles as a result of this week of talks and the Free Thinking follow up course which will be running.

Durham Main Event – FREE (Part 2)

The week has been very encouraging so far. Yesterday simultaneous lunch time talks were run, one on "Science vs God: Must we choose?" And the other titled, "Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha: half right or all wrong?" I went to the science talk and heard Andrew Sach give an excellent talk dealing with Naturalism and the Christian worldview. He looked at design, human existence and Jesus as his 3 main points. He also answered some potentially sensitive and heated questions very graciously and with great wisdom. You can here it and all the other talks from the week at under the “talks” tab.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


The last few weeks have brought more snow than I can remember for a long time. I love the snow, I am a big kid at heart. Snowball fights and sledging are great fun! Something struck me each time I looked out upon the beautiful, clean, white snow recently.

First was from Isaiah ch1v18:
"Come now, let us reason together, says the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow;..."

As I looked out on the purity of the snow, how clean and white it was I was reminded of the glorious exhcange that has taken place for those who trust in Jesus for forgiveness. Jesus perfect record is given to me. Though my life is full of sin, though I am dirty in the sight of God as a rebel, God now sees me like the snow I saw around me recently, pure, white, clean, washed, because of the blood of Jesus, and because He lived a life without sin. Awesome! Thanks be to God for His amazing grace towards me a wretched sinner!!!

So next time it snows, remember that verse.

Second, along the same theme, I was reminded of a song by Jon Foreman where he sings "Wash me as white as snow and I will be made whole". Jon Foreman is an excellent singer songwriter from California and has 4 EP's out titled with the names of the seasons. This song is based on Psalm 51, echoing David. Check out his music here. I hope it may be an encouragement to you.

FREE - Durham Main Event

I am currently back at my old University to help out with their main event week.
The CU in Durham is a real encouragement to me. This week there are 6 lunchbars (a double bill on wednesday, 2 options) and 5 evening talks running monday to friday.
Monday morning began with a University-wide prayer meeting. There were around 100 students there I think plus the CU guests and speakers. A great way to start the week, knowing we have a job to do, but knowing that were are dependent on God working in advance to prepare the soil for us to sow seeds in.
Please pray for all the CU members and CU guests. Pray for boldness, wisdom and clarity. Thank God for those who have been to events so far and for all of the College level events that have taken place over last weekend.
Pray for the speakers, that as they present God's Word, that the Spirit of God will take those words and bring new life!

I hope to update regularly about this main event week. There are many other missions going on across the country, be praying for students all over Britain to be confident in the gospel, bold with the truth and passionate about Jesus!