Friday, 30 September 2011

Freshers keen to get involved

It been a great couple of weeks meeting new Christian freshers.
Both Sunderland and Teesside CU have given out, or posted through doors in halls, 1500 flyers.

Sunderland CU, despite not being able to have any rooms on campus during freshers' week for their events, and only finding that out at the very last minute, still managed to have over 50 students sing up at the table during the freshers' fair on Wednesday. What an answer to prayer that was!
Around 20 of them have been to two events designed to help them get to know one another and the existing CU members, which is a very promising start.
Another wonderful answer to prayer later on Thursday afternoon was the allocation of a room in the most prominent building right at the heart of the city campus. Again, the CU had had to put out flyers without a meeting room mentioned because rooms weren't going to be allocated until now, but God has both blessed them with finding Christian students and with a wonderfully placed room.

Teesside CU have also had a good response following the table outside on Wednesday (see the previous post). Around 12 Christians signed up then and another 25 or so at the freshers' fair. In total I think they have 40 new names. They are really praying that with good support from the local churches and the freshers who have signed up, this will be an exciting year of mission on campus.

Queen's Campus begin next week. Hoping for more of the same. They have had a great start with quite a number of students linking up through the UCCF website and finding the CU on facebook.

I am really looking forward to speaking to each of these groups about what a CU is as they kick off their year. It is a great privilege they have to be part of God's mission, showing His love and pointing people to Jesus.


  1. I've only just got round to reading this, but this is really encouraging! We're praying for you!

  2. Thanks Scott.
    Hope you are doing well. Great to know you guys are praying.