Friday, 9 March 2012

What is wrong with the world?

Another day, another question.
Sunderland CU were out earlier today asking people what they thought is wrong with the world we live in. Again there were a mixture of answers ranging from the sublime (lack of love) to the deadly serious (war) to the utterly comical (JLS and One Direction). (see below)

I wanted to, very briefly, pick up on the answer "lack of love".
I recently gave a talk at Huddersfield CU events week titled "Is love all you need?" the short answer being yes, but only when defined the way God defines love.
So this post-it note answer to the question of "what is wrong with the world?" is very much on the button.

Jesus said that the law and the prophets is summed up in loving God first and loving neighbour.
It's not that God has made a mess, but we have. It's not that God is lacking in love, for "God is love" we are told in 1 John, we lack love.
But....we know love because Jesus Christ has laid down His life for us. He has perfectly revealed God to us.
In relationship with Him we can truly love God and love neighbour.
In Jesus is true love, and in Him we can truly love.
Lack of love is what is wrong with the world, but the love that is needed is defined by God and only found and spread abroad in Jesus.


  1. Maybe it is because of a lack of love- the God who is Love (1 John 4:8) not being present in people's lives?

  2. Yeah. I think it all fits together. The problem with the world is sin which separates us from a relationship with the Triune God of the universe, who is love.
    To truly love people, I need know the love of God and love Him first.
    There is so much more that could be said on this!