Friday, 8 March 2013


As part of my role as Assistant Pastor at South Doncaster Community Church I have been writing some "essays". I include the speech marks because they are not like academic or university essays with proper footnotes, referencing and bibliography. But, I still call them essays because they are large chunks of writing which are more than just random thoughts thrown together, although maybe I should leave that judgment to the reader! Also, being a mathematician, writing large amounts of words does not come naturally to me.

All of this is to say that, after a bit of a break from the blog, not for some special reason but purely because I have not found the time to write anything, I am returning with 3 long posts. The content of those posts will be the 3 "essays" I have written so far as part of my informal training. My final caveat is that they are not meant to be airtight theological treatises even though they are meant to be more than a collection of random thoughts. If you happen to read any or all of them I hope you find them thought provoking, challenging or encouraging.

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