Friday, 12 April 2013

75 and a half

Serving a prison sentence "in absentia", making illegal border crossings, bringing aid to the neediest of the needy, severely disliked by some of the world's worst dictators and governments, flying by helicopter into hotspots under gunfire. Theses are just some of the exploits of a person I heard interviewed recently at the Christian conference, New Word Alive.

Who am I talking about? An SAS Agent? No! I am talking about Baroness Caroline Cox! She is a new hero, or should I say heroine, of mine. At age 75 and a half she has no plans to tone it down or rest on her laurels, she will continue to fight for justice for the oppressed, seek to bring relief to those suffering and show compassion to those who need it most. I don't care who you are, that is awesome.

It was a wonderful privilege to hear the Baroness interviewed about her life and also her work with HART (Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust). As a committed follower of Jesus, Baroness Cox takes very seriously the gospel call to love and serve those in need. Her example is a real challenge to us, I believe. She spoke passionately, persuasively and practically about some of the pressures and persecutions taking place at home and abroad and her gospel-heartedness was infectious.

One thing that I think struck many of us was the following motto which was displayed on the screens, and is a great summary of the responsibility each of us has as we look around at the problems and suffering in the world;
I cannot do everything but I must not do nothing.
We all have our part to play, the question we must ask and find the answer to is; what can/will I do?
That motto helps us not to despair or become cynical, but also helps us to avoid making ourselves the saviour of the world.

I hope and pray that I have half the courage of the Baroness when I am 75 and a half. If I do I will be a happy man. She is a wonderful lady and a huge credit to our House of Lords, I wish there were more like her.

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