Thursday, 7 June 2012

Creation Inspired

Recently we studied the doctrine of revelation as a staff team. A fuller post of thoughts from that will appear soon, hopefully.
But, for now, this thought came to me as I was at Yorkshire Wildlife Park with family earlier in the week. There was a 'meet the reptiles' session. After seeing the snake and thinking about how all of creation has a purpose and speaks to us of God in some way, not merely that it is amazing and must be designed, but that it sings of its Creator, I noted this down.

As real as the snake that slithers through the grass is Satan, that ancient serpent, the father of lies, he is merely a fallen creature. But, as surely as the sun rises and sets, the Son, Jesus Christ died and rose again, to redeem mankind and reign on high, over all, forever.

Obviously my interpretation of the creation revelation is controlled by the written revelation, but it's exciting to see things around and see spiritual truth in them.

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