Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Mumford and Sons - Gig Review

The Sage is renowned for its acoustics so I was looking forward to hearing Mumford and Sons playing there. I'd heard them before, at the Hop Farm Festival in 2009 and also live on TV at Glastonbury.
Having only one album, Sigh No More, and the second not out until late September, I was hoping the new songs would live up to the old ones and I wouldn't feel like I'd seen the gig before. I was not disappointed.

They opened their set with a new song, which is a brave decision, yet it worked, and then they roared into 'Little Lion Man' and the crowd responded in kind. Another of their well known and beautifully poetic hits, 'Winter Winds', followed.
On the left is a picture of the setlist which is borrowed (with permission pending) from another blog - Seas Would Rise

Of the new songs they performed, 6 in total, 'Lover of the Light' was the most polished and catchy, unsurprisingly as they've been playing it live for a long time. It's sure to be a huge hit on release. But, I was most intrigued by the lyrics to 'Broken Crown'. Very interesting spiritual analogies, from what I could pick up, much like the first album.
The mixture of old and new, fast and slow, reflective and bold, continued throughout the night drawing responses ranging from appreciative clapping to uninhibited jig-dancing.

They are a very talented set of musicians and the additions of fiddles and brass to their four-piece make it a veritable feast of sound. Marcus' vocals rise and fall beautifully expressing great emotion and the way their songs are arranged really do take you on a journey.

Overall, a brilliant night.

P.S. I will be uploading some videos from the gig to YouTube soon.

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