Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Album Review: For the Glory - The OC Supertones

When I heard the OC Supertones were back together and releasing a brand new album I was a bit like a giddy schoolgirl headed to watch her favourite boy band in concert and I turn 30 this year!
I love the OC Supertones!
This blog address is the title if one of their songs on their debut album (see first ever post)!

Their music is so much fun but also packed full of great lyrics. So, as I listened to For The Glory for the first time I was expectant.

The album bursts into life with some retro ska tunes before hitting track 4 which is much more like chilled out reggae. It's classic Supertones and I just couldn't help but dance around to it, just ask my wife! More ska follows and the album rounds of with a slower song called 'The Wise and The Fool' which collects ideas from Scripture about wisdom and foolishness. The conclusion for Mojo is that he and his family with serve the Lord echoing Joshua as he addresses the people of Israel.

The brass is sharp and packs a real punch over the crunching guitars, booming bass and driving drums and it's all topped off with Mojo's distinctive vocal sound.

It's a very good comeback album after 7 years away. My only surprise, after reading the website blog post about wanting to have another crack at it and do it better this time, was that there were less theological treatises and apologetic juggernauts in the lyrics. There's nothing quite up to the heights of the wonderful "Kids in universities drowning in an ocean of apostate philosophy....." bridge in 'Grounded'.
But, on the other hand, what is massively clear is that this album has been made to glorify God. Take the title track as an example. The chorus boldly declares; "This is for the glory of God, this is for the Risen King, who conquered death and hell, it's the story that we must tell, this is for the glory."
There is a lot about the warmth of the love of God melting a cold heart, which is wonderful, and the security of the love of God being certain, paraphrased from the end of Romans 8 in 'Hey, Hey, Hey'.There is a call for the outcast and weak to come and find living water, to come to the King.
'Pretty Little Lie' indicates that Mojo had lost his focus at times in the past but that this time, whatever the outcome of this comeback, the band are resting in Jesus.

I get the feeling, the more I listen to the album, that they really enjoyed making it and I really hope this is the beginning of a great new chapter in the OC Supertones' career, inspiring a new generation of fans as well as 'for the people' like me ''cos they want some more', and not just a one off album.
But, even if that is the case, I think they have accomplished what they set out to do, bring glory to God by making great music. Go and buy it!!!

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