Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Looking ahead

As I saw the New Year in with friends and family from Calvary back in Sunderland I was encouraged but also massively challenged.
As a few people shared their reflections on the goodness of the Lord in 2012 and also the delight with which they looked forward to 2013 and beyond. The themes of the sovereignty of God, and the gift of slavation in the gospel were prominent, but the thing that really struck me was the joy and delight which shone out as one person in particular shared how, even though they love their life, they can not wait for Jesus to come back and that they want to be ready for it. That got me thinking:

Do I long for, and eagerly await, the return of the Lord Jesus above anything else?
And, does that affect the way I live and the urgency with which I seek to share the goodness of the gospel?

In all honesty, that focus has been lacking. I stand rebuked yet forgiven by the grace of God in Christ.
So my prayer for this year is that I live in the light of the second coming, that I delight in Jesus more and more and seek to encourage others to grow their joy and faith in Him too.

Happy new year to you all. May you know the amazing love of the Triune God in 2013.

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