Tuesday, 17 February 2009

FREE - Durham Main Event

I am currently back at my old University to help out with their main event week.
The CU in Durham is a real encouragement to me. This week there are 6 lunchbars (a double bill on wednesday, 2 options) and 5 evening talks running monday to friday.
Monday morning began with a University-wide prayer meeting. There were around 100 students there I think plus the CU guests and speakers. A great way to start the week, knowing we have a job to do, but knowing that were are dependent on God working in advance to prepare the soil for us to sow seeds in.
Please pray for all the CU members and CU guests. Pray for boldness, wisdom and clarity. Thank God for those who have been to events so far and for all of the College level events that have taken place over last weekend.
Pray for the speakers, that as they present God's Word, that the Spirit of God will take those words and bring new life!

I hope to update regularly about this main event week. There are many other missions going on across the country, be praying for students all over Britain to be confident in the gospel, bold with the truth and passionate about Jesus!

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