Thursday, 19 February 2009

Durham Main Event – FREE (Part 3) – Salvation requires a miracle.

While listening to Daf speak on Monday evening (16th Feb) I was sitting and absorbing what he had to say and thinking to myself “this is great, how cool is the gospel, it is amazing, it really does make total sense, how can anyone listen to this and not be convinced?!” And then, it struck home to me in a fresh way, something I already knew, it takes a miracle of mercy from God for anyone to see the truth. How thankful to God I should be that He opened my eyes to see, believe and put my trust in Jesus! I am praying for many miracles as a result of this week of talks and the Free Thinking follow up course which will be running.

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  1. mate, what a lineup! sounds like a cracking time. It's so good to hear of all these missions going on after "mine" were over - grief, what do I mean "over"?!? Anyway, cheers for the encouragement to pray. And good luck against Arsenal!